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Q: What is Soundspace?

A: Soundspace is a 24/7 rehearsal and recording facility located on 10th and Mass Ave, in downtown Indianapolis. Membership is paid monthly, and artists book their time on a community calendar.


Q: How does it work?

A: Booking in all of our spaces is unlimited, but moderated. Members can book as many times as they like in a given month, but can not book more than three (3) times at once - preventing abuse and over-use of the calendar.


Q: What spaces are available to members?

A: Soundspace provides Rehearse members with 12 multi-use spaces for rehearsal, production, conferencing, lessons and instruction. Additionally, two (2) professional recording studios are available to Record members.


Q: What equipment will you have?

A: A full PA with mics, monitors, subwoofers and option backline are available in rehearsal spaces., and our studios are built on above-industry-standard gear, normally only found in the more expensive traditional studios.

We are building relationships with the world’s top manufactures and retailers to provide you with the best gear for rehearsal and recording. For more details, visit our amenities page.


Q: How much is membership?

A: Basic membership begins at $20 per month, allowing you to attend events, connect with local music and musicians, and access our online knowledge base.

Rehearsal for artists or bands begins at $80 per month per artist/band, and includes all the benefits of a basic membership.

Recording includes all benefits and begins at $150 per month per artist/band. Premium services, such as in-house producer hours and guest passes may be purchased a la carte.


Q: Does every member of my band need to be a Soundspace member?

A: No. Each membership is associated with your band. All band members are registered, and included in your membership. If you change members, you must re-register, and may be subject to a small re-registration fee.


Q: Can band members use Soundspace as individuals?

A: Anyone in your registered band may access Soundspace freely, but will utilize your band's booking bandwidth.


Q: Can I bring guests?

A: Guest passes must be purchased for anyone not registered, prior to entering Soundspace.


Q: Are there networking opportunities?

A: Yes! This is what Soundspace is all about. We believe collaboration creates inspiration - that we are better together than we are alone. Soundspace is the place to find a new bass player, collaborate on a production, or book a show.


Q: When do you open?

A: We plan to open at the end of 2019. Soundspace is located in a historic building currently undergoing massive renovation, being conducted by the building owner and a private contracter. Our timeline is strictly determined by the progress and outcomes of this work.


Q: How long are bookings?

A: Learning Room bookings are 1 hour, Rehearsal Room bookings are 2 hours, and Studio bookings are 4 hours. Unlike traditional rehearsal spaces, Soundspace does not offer “lock-out” rehearsal. This way, our rehearsal spaces remain flexible, and allow us to offer all of our members more access.


Q: What are your hours?

A: Soundspace is a 24 hour facility.


Q: Is it all-ages?

A: Yes, although curfew laws may apply. Soundspace may be obligated to restrict certain times and/or events to minors.


Q: Is it secure?

A: Yes. Security-locked doors, 24-hour video monitoring and facility patrols ensure that you and your gear are safe.


Q: Is there parking and storage?

A: Yes. There are two main parking lots with easy access to Soundspace, as well a full-size loading dock. Storage is available on-premises as an extra service.


Q: Can I play shows at Soundspace?

A: Yes. As a member, you'll gain access to our social media channels and member groups for promotion. We also offer extra services such as mentoring, marketing packages, and more.


Q: What if I'm not a musician?

A: We created our Connect membership just for you. Utilize your Soundspace membership to gain access to members-only concert events, networking opportunities, music business opportunities, and more.


Q: What if I break something?

A: No problem. Everything at Soundspace is insured and professionally maintained. If something breaks due to accident or normal use, we will immediately supply a replacement so you can keep working. However, abuse, vandalism, and theft will not be tolerated.


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