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Lily & Madeleine

Lily & Madeleine are an Indianapolis based sister duo, making folk pop music in Bloomington, IN and Nashville, TN. They have released four studio albums, most recently “Canterbury Girls” in February 2019. Lily & Madeleine have also worked closely with John Mellencamp, touring with him summer of 2016. As well as write and record, Lily and Madge love to go to local shows in Indianapolis, and knit/crochet when not touring the country

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David Owens

David Owens is a singer and creative based out of Indianapolis. He was most recently a contestant on Season 16 of NBC's The Voice as a member of Kelly Clarkson's Team. He developed his passion for music by listening to gospel and Motown as a kid, as well as singing with his siblings. As an Indy Native, David supports and works with a number of organizations working to develop the Arts in Indianapolis and is the Vice President of an educational non-profit. He loves discovering new artists, especially when they're from Indy.


The Voice (ABC): Blind Audition | Battle Round | Comeback Stage


Alex Franc

Alex Franc is a singer-songwriter and producer based out of Indianapolis, IN. His genre pays homage to the writing styles of Stevie Nicks and David Ryan Harris, with melodies inspired by Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson. Currently, Alex is working on new music for himself while starting his own independent record label [MATTE BLACK RECORDS] and producing records for several other indiana native bands and performers.

“My favorite thing about being a musician/producer is being able to travel and connect with artists and creative minds from all across the world. As I explore and become apart of different musical communities, I gain the perspective and wisdom that influences me to be myself. I love music and I love sharing what I create with anyone who wants to hear.”

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Allison Victoria

Allison Victoria is a singer, songwriter, musicians and emcee from Indianapolis, IN.

Her style ranges from soul. Hip-hop, RnB, folk, gospel and much more. She has always been drawn to music, however and she got her professional start in January of 2016 at a local open mic in Indianapolis.

Allison always brings a refreshing rawness on and off the stage. She rooted herself in the community by using her art with purpose by performing at a variety of event for the people. Her mission is to be a true voice for others and spread love one song at a time.

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For the uninitiated, Sirius Blvck is a veteran and a paragon of the Indianapolis hip-hop scene; A scene where you’re as likely to see front flip stagedives as anything else. His music and live performances are stepsiblings to the DIY punk community that occupies many of the same dingy Indiana basements and clubs.  Since 2007 he has been laying groundwork in different facets and pockets of the Indianapolis music scene, amassing a city of hardcore fans and friends alike along the way. The threads of that fierce DIY mentality weave their way throughout his music and community efforts which are a vestige of that same work ethic. A young man this driven is only getting started laying down new foundation for the city of Indianapolis. 

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Dan Giffin

Dan Giffin is a nationally recognized producer, drummer, mixing engineer and Ableton Live Trainer. He is the Ableton User Group Organizer for Indianapolis and Founder of the Ableton Live training website

Dan’s credits include sharing the stage with world-class artists including Tiësto, Slushii, and has performed live at large music festivals such as Electric Forest under his electronic/ indie/ funk band PHILIA. Dan has also worked alongside Platinum & Grammy artists including Mac Miller, The Band Perry, Machine Gun Kelly and others. He is also the host of the Ableton Music Producer Podcast.

In 2018, Dan founded, a website teaching music production in Ableton Live, providing personalized training to artists needing help from studio to stage.

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Terra Hoskins

Terra is a vocalist, frontman, band leader and manager with a broad background in economic development, sales, PR, digital/marketing communications, corporate communications and theatre. She’s a natural connector, networker and communicator who is excited to help build Indy’s music hub and expand its music community.

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Photo Credit Courtney Brooks Photography

Photo Credit Courtney Brooks Photography

Nate Burner

Nate B is a hip-hop artist from the westside of Indianapolis. Nate B, also known as Mr. Burner, balances fatherhood & union employment to write and perform his creative work. In between releasing Thee Hobby and the Trapper Keeper EP, Nate B has taken on a new venture in the theater writing, performing music, and acting in IndyFringe 2018 & Diva Fest a couple months ago. He will be in IndyFringe again this summer when he will also drop some new music. 

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Photo Credit Mark Sheldon

Photo Credit Mark Sheldon

Richard ‘Sleepy’ Floyd

Richard “Sleepy” Floyd has been a fixture in the Indianapolis music scene for the last 15 years. The drummer regularly tours nationally with electronic producer, Michal Menert, but remains very active on the local scene with his band, Native Sun and also the likes of Rob Dixon amongst many others. When not on the road, he spends a great deal of his time consulting and advocating for Indianapolis bands and musicians, booking shows for these artists at various venues, and promoting career development amongst those musicians and artists that make up the rich music scene of Indianapolis.

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James Knott

In his hometown of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, James and his friends obsessed over music from a young age. At the age of fourteen he joined various established bands with skill levels much above his. He formed his trade striving to be like the musicians around him.

At age eighteen, the band ‘Blackjack’ was formed. With James at the helm, the band went on to headline many successful UK tours and music festivals. Playing to people in the thousands was a truly remarkable experience.

After the band went their separate ways, James decided to focus on his playing ability and knowledge of the guitar. He turned to renowned guitar tutor ‘Jimi Savage’, who guided him through his grades with the University of West London.

James has great belief in the grade program set up by the University, as he has first hand experience of just how successful it can be. It truly helped him thrive as a guitarist.

James’ true passion for sharing knowledge has lead him to become a registered tutor with the University. He can now guide students to a healthy and happy guitar life, in which they gain worldwide recognized qualifications.


JK Guitar Lessons

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Mickey Young

Mickey Young’s primary message is one of unity and positivity, something sure to resonate with folks both in his home base of Indianapolis and beyond. Some would even say that he emits “ electromagnetic waves of subatomic positivity.”

Drawing influence from TDE artists like Kendrick Lamar and Isaiah Rashad, all the way to Drake, Chance the Rapper, and other melodic wordsmiths, Mickey brings a fresh taste to the already-burgeoning Naptown hip-hop scene. His vivid storytelling and succinct rhyme patterns are enough to grab the attention of even the most casual listeners.'

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Kenton Caldwell

KC hails from south central Indianapolis and has been involved in the music scene for over 15 years. He currently does vocals in a hardcore punk band, KIDDO, and plays bass in a post-punk darkwave band called Angel-Maker. He’s done security and production work for almost every major venue in the city and has toured most of the country performing and working for different bands. We’re excited to have him as a part of Soundspace and what it will do for the growth of the Indy artist community. 

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Self-defined as not being in a genre, O.D.D.I.T.Y integrates elements of Hip Hop, Rock, R&B, Funk, Jazz, and Poetry into his music. He examines both personal issues and experiences as well as addresses public issues such as equality for all regardless of differences. 

He has performed in the Virginia Ave Music Festival, guest performed in Chreece IV, was invited to Steadfest Music Festival in Columbus, Ohio, and will be heading overseas to perform a show in Zürich, Switzerland at the end of June. 

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Thomas Mendenhall aka Brain Delay

Thomas is a multifaceted artist in the scene, getting his start making music in 2007 forming experimental/hiphop group “Brother Beats”. Being completely independent got his feet wet in recording and producing music, as well booking and performing.

Having really dived into worldly music with his time practicing Capoiera Angola, Thomas now does music primarily under the name “Brain Delay” doing solo Music that ranges from indie rock, to experimental hiphop. As well as still a member of “Brother Beats” and Newly Formed “Fantastic Flying Couch”.

From directing/producing music videos to recording, mixing and mastering tracks he has a ton of time in all aspects of making music. His main goal is to see the indianapolis music scene thrive, in an inclusive and positive way. Always willing to help any driven artists find a way to make their dreams possible.

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