ameriKKKen is a singer, songwriter and emcee from Indianapolis, IN. Although her stage name holds a number of meanings, ameriKKKen is best known for her slogan, "Knowledge and Kindness is Key," which is a positive connection and reason for the spelling of her name. After getting her start in music through singing at church as a child, and transitioning from poetry to songwriting at age 15, ameriKKKen released her first single and made her presence known as an artist in May of 2018. ameriKKKen has since graced numerous stages across Indianapolis, as well as spaces outside of Indiana. With her sound being both a mixture of hip hop and R&B, ameriKKKen hopes to connect and relate to as many as possible through her raw and honest lyrics, as well as her delivery, and to continue to grow and reach new heights outside of hometown.

ameriKKKen is best known for her freestyles on social media that have gained the attention of various industry names, but is also known for making a name through singles that are currently only available on SoundCloud. Yet, despite having only a few singles, guest verses, and freestyles to her name as of now, ameriKKKen has plans to release on all platforms, her anticipated debut project, "KHAOTIC" in September of 2019.

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